I. upgrade up‧grade 1 [ˌʌpˈgreɪd] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] COMPUTING MANUFACTURING to make a computer, machine, program etc better and able to do more things:

• There are several things to consider when it comes to upgrading computer memory.

upgrade to

• You can upgrade to the latest version of the software by following these steps.

2. [intransitive, transitive] COMPUTING to buy a new computer, machine etc that is better and able to do more things than your old one:

• The money will be used to upgrade machinery and trucks.

upgrade to

• In order to grow your business, you may need to upgrade to a more powerful system.

3. [intransitive, transitive] TRAVEL to get a better seat on a plane, a better rented car etc than the one you paid for:
upgrade to

• You can use your frequent flier mileage to upgrade to business class.

4. [transitive] FINANCE to put something in a better class or at a higher level on a scale than before:

• They have upgraded their profit forecast from £1.49 billion to £1.56 billion.

  [m0] II. upgrade up‧grade 2 [ˈʌpgreɪd] noun [countable]
1. the act of improving a product or service, or one that has been improved:

• Within two years, the company expects to complete a $110 million upgrade of its cable system.

2. also upgrade program COMPUTING new computer software that replaces previous software of the same type:
upgrade to

• Three-quarters of the firm's overall software revenues will eventually be generated by selling upgrades to existing customers.

3. TRAVEL an occasion when someone is given a better seat on a plane, or a better rented car, than the one they paid for:

• If you're lucky you might get an upgrade.

* * *

   An upward regrade by a credit rating agency of the credit status of a borrowing institution or its debt instruments. It usually means that the borrower will be able to obtain funds more easily and more cheaply because its credit risk has improved. The opposit of downgrade.
   ► See also Credit Rating, Downgrade.

* * *

upgrade UK US /ʌpˈgreɪd/ verb [T]
to improve something so that it works better or is more effective: »

It's quite simple to upgrade the indexing software.


All the entrances to the building have been upgraded with ramps and handrails.

IT to get new computers or other equipment that is better than you had before: »

So much of our business is now online we had to upgrade our entire system.


The network is being upgraded.

HR to give a person a more important job or to state that their job is more important than it was before: upgrade sb to sth »

Congratulations, I hear you've been upgraded to divisional manager.

Compare DOWNGRADE(Cf. ↑downgrade) verb
FINANCE to state that something such as a company is likely to produce more profit or growth, to be better able to pay back debt, etc. than was previously thought: upgrade a forecast/outlook/expectation »

Analysts had hoped to upgrade their earnings forecasts for the group.

upgrade a rating/status »

The retailer's stock hit a 52-week high after Morgan Stanley upgraded its rating on the company.

Compare DOWNGRADE(Cf. ↑downgrade) verb
TRANSPORT to get better travel arrangements than you originally paid for: upgrade sth (from sth) to sth »

Our plane tickets were upgraded to business class.


We will upgrade your rental car from mid-size to full-size.

upgrade UK US /ˈʌpgreɪd/ noun [C]
an improvement in something: »

All our office furniture needs a major upgrade.

Compare DOWNGRADE(Cf. ↑downgrade)
IT a piece of software or equipment that improves how well a computer or machine works: »

The basic software is free but you pay for any upgrades.

an upgrade to sth »

The upgrade to version 5.0 costs $395.

better travel arrangements than you originally paid for: an upgrade to sth »

We got a free upgrade to first class!

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